Frag Trek Frag Trek - Deep Space Carnage

To boldly Frag where no man has Fragged before.
Frag Trek - 7 of 9
by Mike Crowhurst

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Frag Trek Project Brief: To create a Star Trek based Frag variant.
We play a fair amount of Frag and are always looking for ways to vary and expand it, either creating them ourselves or finding them out on the internet - first came Frag Zombie, then Frag 3D, then Frag on Space Hulk Tiles, then Frag Bug Hunt and the list goes on.

One of our group is currently developing his own Frag variant (with much greater scope & originality than Frag Trek, I have to say) and whilst discussing this and playing Bug Hunt one evening someone set me the challenge of producing a Star Trek based Frag. Frag Trek represents the fruits of those labours.

Frag Trek Description:
Entirely based upon Frag by Steve Jackson Games, Frag Trek is a fast paced table-top combat game set in the Star Trek Universe. The original Frag rules are required to play Frag Trek and anyone familiar with the game will have no problem just picking up and playing this variant.

Frag Trek has now been successfully playtested by our group - only a few of us were present, but an entire evening was still devoted to the game so I think things went pretty well. The Weapon, Gadget and Q cards all seemed to balance out fairly well.

Anyway, take a look, see what you think then feel free to send any questions, comments, complaints, suggestions or just about anything else to me at

Frag Trek Resources:
Frag Trek entirely replaces the Gadget and Weapon decks found in the original Frag game, so players will need to print new decks using the designs below. Optionally, if you want to remove the computer game feel of Frag and make it an entirely Trek experience then there is also a Q deck which replaces the Frag special cards.

The graphics required for the Frag Trek card fronts & backs are available for download in ZIP files, each containing an entire card deck. A summary of the game and card rules, plus suggested quantities for each type of card are contained with the Rules Summary. I have also now added PDF files generated from the documents I used to print my own Frag Trek decks, each one containing cards in the quantities suggested in the rules document.

How to physically create the cards is at the player's discretion. So far I've found the most efficient method is to use printable business card sheets - the version I use has ten 85mm by 54mm cards contained on an A4 sheet. Not exactly the same size as the original Frag cards, but certainly suitable. It is then quite a simple matter to arrange the individual card designs together in full sheets (I use Microsoft Word for this), print them and just pop them out.

Downloads & Links:
Gadget Deck Download ZIP file
Download PDF Card Fronts
Download PDF Card Backs
Weapon Deck Download ZIP file
Download PDF Card Fronts
Download PDF Card Backs
Q Deck Download ZIP file
Download PDF Card Fronts
Download PDF Card Backs
Rules Summary Download Word Document
Download PDF Document
Character Shet Download Excel Document
Download PDF Document
Borg Assimilation
Rules Variant
Download Word Document
Download PDF Document
Star Trek Fonts Free Star Trek fonts from
Virtual Graphics World

Some examples from my first test print run.
First Print Run
Frag & Frag Trek comparison.

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