Frag Trek Frag Trek - Deep Space Carnage Frag Trek - Borg
by Mike Crowhurst

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Frag Trek - Borg Assimilation

Frag Trek Borg Assimilation is an expansion to Frag Trek rather than a stand-alone variant, so you will require the Frag Trek rules and cards in order to play. Gameplay is similar in nature to Bug Hunt (for anyone who has seen those rules), but due to the differing nature of the enemies faced the two games should play quite differently.

Game play basics
Each player will have a standard Frag Trek character which will be spawned in the normal manner at the start of the game. Once all player characters have spawned, a fixed number of Borg will also be spawned onto the map.

On every following turn, each player will move/fire their own character, attempting to Frag as many Borg as they can. They will then also play a random number of the available Borg characters, attempting to Assimilate or just plain hinder their Federation 'colleagues'. Points will be scored for anyone that you Frag during your turn, whether it is a Borg killed by your character, or another character killed by a Borg.

Fragged Borg will be respawned during a specific phase of each turn whilst Fragged players will be removed from the map and respawn as per the standard rules. Additionally however, whenever a player is Fragged, a new Borg drone is left in their place (obviously up to a practical limit!).

Along the way, the Borg will gradually adapt to the weapons that you use against them, so you may find your beloved Heavy Photon Rifle suddenly become entirely worthless.

Full Rules Download - updated 21st July 2003
This is still the first draft of the Borg Assimilation rules, so they may be amended in the future.
Download Word Document
Download PDF Document

Borg Miniatures
As yet I've not been able find any actual Borg miniatures anywhere, so at the moment I use some Games Workshop Imperial Servitors that I had. I've repainted them to look a little more Borg and they work pretty well. They are a bit 'chunky' compared to the Star Fleet figures, but they work OK.

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And yes, I know my painting is not exactly great, but the figures still get the job done.

Frag Trek - Borg Assimilation
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