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Other Frag Sites
Frag Links
The Official Frag Site @ Steve Jackson Games
The home of Frag.
Steve Jackson's Frag pages contain a host of information, resources and links.
If you've not been here already then go now!

The Official Frag Mailing List - come and join the official Frag mailing list. If you've got something Frag based to say, then why not do it here?

Philip J Reed's Frag Articles & Resources - Various articles and resources written or collected by one of Frag's creators.

NamantH's Frag Page - An excellent Frag site with custom maps, rules and counters all available for download.

The South Bend Frag Fest - More custom variants, rules & maps, this time collected by the South Bend Frag Fest.

Christopher Hammock's Frag Page - More house rules, maps and downloadable resources for Frag.

Frag 3D: Modular Board - Full details of Greg's project to build a very effective looking modular game board for Frag 3D.

Bernhard's Frag Stuff - A variety of Frag resources, including new weapon cards and modular map boards. The map boards are along the lines of our own Frag Tiles, but designed exclusively for use with Frag, including all the powerup symbols etc. Fight your battles over a new map each & every time.
Board Games resources - directory of Board Games related websites.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc. regarding anything shown on these pages then contact us using any of the e-mail addresses shown alongside the Variants and Resources or mail me (Mike) at Frag@darknebula.co.uk